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Made a few more lists on IMDB. Check them out :-

Streep Wins … … … … … ..    –  Playing a tribute to Meryl Streep through a picture montage, including all the 17 films she was nominated for, along with her 3 Oscar wins. 

Filmfare 2012 wins et al           –  A critique of five Bollywood films from last year, which I’ve watched, which ended up winning  at least one Filmfare award. From the Best to the Worst.


Joan Fontaine (1940 & the 40’s) ‘TOP FIVE’        –  A critique of Joan Fontaine Films, from 1940 & the 40’s decade, my Top-5.

Bookish Nuwan

Currently reading Christopher Isherwood’s A Single Man.  Started last week, am almost finished, about 40 odd pages left to go.

— Nuwan Sen 

Bookish Nuwan

Just completed Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale last night. An interesting read.

Not the best thriller I’ve read, but pretty good. The best section  of the novel, for me, was this chapter towards the latter end of the book where Bond gets all philosophical. After almost being made to sing like a Castrato for the rest of his life from his arch rival , but saved obviously, he starts to analyse the blurred line between good and evil. A Russian spy might be a villain to him, but from their perspective Bond would be the villain.

True, nothings black and White. There’s always shades of grey. Even literally— If you take anything — B/W photography, B/W movies etc etc.. there is always shades of grey. Pretty much like life itself (figuratively speaking that is).

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