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Julia Roberts       2010

Julia Roberts

Yesterday I watched Eat Pray Love (2010) on the Star World cable network. I actually didn’t expect to like it that much. I just assumed it would be an ‘Oky Doky’ flick. But no, it’s not just some silly chick flick, there’s a lot more to it than that. And I ATE, PRAYED and LOVED the film. Trust Julia Roberts to keep bringing out the best in her. This might not be the best movie I’ve ever seen, nor would it be in my Top 100, but still it is an amazing movie that had me hooked from the start to finish.

After her divorce from Stephen (Billy Crudup), and end of a brief affair with David (James Franco), Liz (Julia Roberts) ventures on an adventure to re-discover herself. Along the way she discovers great cuisine in Rome & Naples (Italy); food, meditation and inner peace in Calcutta (West Bengal, India); and, while continuing her great appetite for food and meditation, she finally finds true love with Felipe (Javier Bardem) in Bali (Indonesia).

It’s only the romantic bit in Bali, that I found a tad bit mushy, but that didn’t ruin the flow of this beautiful movie for me.

Great Roberts’ flick with a combination of romance and adventure, with a nice blend of spirituality.

Excellent Relaxed paced flick. Best watched in a meditative state. 

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