January 26th, marks India’s Republic Day as well Australia Day.

Opera House & Lotus Temple

Opera House & Lotus Temple (Bahá’i Temple)

Pix: LEFT – Whilst living in Sydney, Australia (July 2006); RIGHT – On Holiday in New Delhi, India (September 2011)

On the 15th of August, 1947, India got it’s Independence from the British, yet the head of state was the British Monarchy. Two years and five months later on 26th January 1950, India became a republic; thus severing any ties with royal rein of any kind. India celebrated 65 years of Independence last year, and today India celebrates their 63rd Republic Day. I have a vague memory of a Republic Day parade that I saw as a little kid somewhere in the early 80’s,while I was living in New Delhi,  the city of my birth, where I spent my entire childhood (from Birth till I was 12 years old).

Australia Day marks the landing of the first British fleet on the shores of Sydney harbour, on 26th January 1788. It was one among the eleven convict ships that set sail to Australia from Portsmouth (a charming little sea port I resided in for half a year back in 2004, from April to October), Great Britain. Though Australia is an independent nation, it isn’t a Republic, thus the head of state for this multi-cultural country down under still happens to be the British Monarchy, currently Queen Elizabeth II. In a 99′ referendum, majority of the voters rejected a proposal for Australia to become a republic. I lived in Sydney for two years (June 2006 – June 2008), and though I witnessed the magnificent fireworks on New Years eve at the Sydney Harbour, I never got a chance to attend the Australia Day celebrations. 

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