On February 14th, Year 269 A.D, Saint Valentine, a Roman-Catholic, was beheaded, under the rein of Emperor Claudius II (Claudius Gothicus) of Rome, for secretly helping young Christian couples get married. Under Claudius II, helping any Christians in Rome, in any form, was considered a criminal offence.  Thus to commemorate this day, as the death of a martyr who helped young lovers get married, February 14th, is now known as a day for people in love.

Of course today it has been taken completely out of context. Not many a people are into marriage now a days,  for one thing. And it’s not necessarily celebrated as a day of Love anymore. The day for Love & Romance has been now turned into a day for Lust & Sex. Most people don’t even know the true significance of St. Valentine’s Day. What a way of ‘remembrance’ for a Martyr who was killed for helping young innocent lovers (mostly teenagers back then) to get married immaterial of their cast, race or religion.

 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre’s

February 14th, Year 1349 –  Valentine Massacre occurred, where hundred’s of Jews were burnt to death in Strasbourg (Eastern France, bordering Germany).

February 14th, Year 1929 – St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Famed Chicago gangster of the Roaring 20’s, Al Capone, ordered the massacre of seven associates of his opposing mob. Dressed as cops, Capone’s gang, lined up the seven men, who assumed it was a routine check up, and opened fire. Making it one of the bloodiest blood baths of modern American History.

Today February 14th, Year 2013 – A Valentine’s Day Murder. Six time Paralympics Gold medallist & Olympic star, 26 year old Oscar Pistorius, shot dead his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, supposedly by accident, in South Africa. It is believed that the girlfriend had come in to surprise him on Valentine’s Day, and assuming she was an intruder, he had shot her. Nothing has been proven yet.

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