What’s the latest in fashion? Going au naturale, with spray-on body paint.

Spray-on Blue Jeans 2013

Yes, apparently the latest in style is to wear a pair of spray-on Blue Jeans. But how many people would dare to bare a blue painted body on the streets, without getting themselves arrested. Maybe if you have your underwear on, or at least a pair of thongs (most models on the collage above have their innerwear on, with a few exceptions), but still, I doubt you’d be able pass on a spray-paint as skinny jeans. Leggings maybe, but not as jeans, especially when you walking around. Of course this is a joke, after all it’s actually easier to put something on than to take the time to paint your body, especially if you wanna make it look like a pair of jeans. At the same time, the spray painted on jeans in my collage do happen to be an artwork as well. Aesthetically, they are some very impressive pieces of work.

 Blue Jeans

Initially the word ‘Jean’ was a fabric from Genova, Italy. A hard coarse corduroy cotton. Meanwhile in Nimes, France, trying to re-create the same ‘Jean’ fabric, they accidentally, through trial and error, produced a new twill coarse cloth, which they named ‘Denim’, meaning de Nimes (of Nimes in French). In 1851, a young German named Levi Strauss, immigrated to the United States. In 1853, Strauss, was running his own dry goods business in San Francisco. In 1872, a tailor called Jacob Davis, started buying cloth from the Levi Strauss & Co. wholesale house. Soon they formed a friendship, and by 1873, the Levis’ Blue Jeans were invented. Those tight fit drainpipes, have never gone out of style till date. Initially it was only Cowboys n’ gals that use to don these blue jeans. But by the 1950’s, loads of young adults and teenagers turned it into a casual chic  fashion statement. Soon skinnier jeans were in style, and they kept getting tighter, and later blended with spandex to stretch well. And today they practically look like leggings.

But none the less, jeans have been one of most practical fashion clothing that has ever been invented, that can be worn by anyone, anywhere in the world, by the young and the old, men and women, east and west. Anyone. Anywhere.

But, if these so called spray-on clothing, do someday, in the far future, end up being a style, loads of clothing businesses will go bankrupt. Doubt that’s going to happen anytime soon though. But still, in a way it would be interesting see what it would look like to see people walking in their underwear, with Spray-on blue jeans

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