Six Degrees of Separation: from Ingrid Bergman to...

Ingrid Bergman 6°

… Ryan Reynolds
Bergman gained international stardom in 1942, when this beautiful Swedish actress went beyond borders, to Hollywood, to appear in one of the most loved classic love stories ever, that almost never got made, Casablanca (1942), which also saw the very comical Peter Lorre (1) in small role, who starred in the episode called ‘The Diplomatic Corpse’ (1957), from the television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955-1962), and this episode also starred actor George Peppard (2), who later came in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961), which was based on a novella written by Truman Capote (3), who shared a great friendship with author Harper Lee (4), who was portrayed by Sandra Bullock (5) in Infamous (2006), who appeared in the romantic comedy The Proposal (2009) opposite Ryan Reynolds (6).

… Marion Cotillard
Bergman’s daughter, Isabella Rossellini (1), appeared in the television adaptation of The Odyssey (1997), which also starred Armand Assante (2), who played brother to Antonio Banderas (3) in The Mambo Kings (1992), and Banderas also starred in La Ley Del Deseo (1987), which was directed by Pedro Almodóvar (4), who directed Penélope Cruz (5) in Broken Embraces (2009), and Cruz appeared in the musical Nine (2009), which co-starred Marion Cotillard (6).

… Anthony Burgess
Bergman co-starred with Gregory Peck (1) in Spellbound (1945), who starred in The Paradine Case (1947), which also starred Louis Jourdan (2), who appeared in Gigi (1958) along with Leslie Caron (3) who appeared in An American in Paris (1951), with Gene Kelly (4), who starred in Singin’ in the Rain (1952), whose performance of the titular song is one of the most loved rain dances ever, and this titular song is seen sung by Malcolm McDowell (5) in A Clockwork Orange (1971), in two crucial scenes in the movie, which was based on a very controversial novella written by the great Anthony Burgess (6).

… Heath Ledger
Bergman starred in the hilarious comedy, Cactus Flower (1969), which saw Goldie Hawn (1) in her debut performance as a ‘dumb blonde’, which ended up being her strong suit in future comedies, and for which Hawn won her very first Oscar, for supporting actress, and Hawn later appeared in Death Becomes Her (1992), with Meryl Streep (2), who came in the television miniseries Angels of America (2003), which also starred Al Pacino (3), who came in Scarface (1983), a remake of a 1930’s classic, which also starred Michelle Pfeiffer (4) in one of her greatest roles, who played ‘Catwoman’ in Batman Returns (1992), a sequel to Batman (1989), in which Jack Nicholson (5) played the notorious villain ‘The Joker’, a charcter which was re-enacted by Heath Ledger (6) in The Dark Knight (2008), his last performance before his sudden demise, for which he was  posthumously awarded an Oscar.

… Rahul Bose
Bergman starred in the Swedish film, Autumn Sonata (1978), directed by Ingmar Bergman (1), of which, the Bollywood movie Tehzeeb (2003), was a remake of, which starred Shabana Azmi (2), who appeared in Ankur – The Seedling (1974), the first Bollywood art-house film, though not the first Indian art movie, directed by Shyam Benegal (3), whose first out and out commercial flick Zubeidaa (2001), was based on a true story about a 1950’s one-film actress, and later Princess, whose death, due to a plane crash, was shrouded by mystery, as it was never concluded whether, the crash was an accident, sabotage, or suicide on part of the Princess, and Karishma Kapoor (4) starred as the doomed Zubeidaa, and Karishma Kapoor’s sister, Kareena Kapoor (5), played a prostitute, in one of her best roles till date, i.e. Chameli (2003), which also starred Rahul Bose (6).
… Marine Vacth
Bergman  came in the multi-starrer, Murder in the Orient Express (1974), based on the crime-fiction by famed author Agatha Christie (1), which also starred Jacqueline Bisset (2), who acted in La Nuit Américaine (1974), which was directed by François Truffaut (3), who directed Catherine Deneuve (4) in The Last Metro (1980), who acted in 8 Femmes (2002), which was directed by François Ozon (5), whose latest film is being screened at the Cannes Film Festival that’s going on at the moment in the Cote d’Azur, Jeune & Jolie (2013), with newcomer Marine Vacth (6).

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