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The Beatles - Abbey Road (1969)

The Beatles – Abbey Road (1969)


  • 1969 – Work on the song, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, begins for the Abbey Road Album. (Abbey Road Album was The Beatles last recorded album, though not their last release.)

John Lennon with new wife Yoko Ono, her daughter Kyoko, and Lennon’s son Julian, have an accident; whilst on a motoring holiday in Scotland; when a motorist came around on the wrong side of the road, in turn making the car Lennon was driving fall into ditch. All four of them were detained in Hospital. This was on the 1st of July, 1969. And eight days later, on 9th July, still recovering, Lennon and Ono make it to the studio for the recording of Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.
While Ono, who was far more badly hurt than Lennon in the accident, is resting in a large bed at the Abbey Road studios, Paul McCartney (who wrote the song the previous year, in October 1968, after his trip to India) and Lennon start recording the song Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.
Coincidently, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, McCartney’s first song on the album, is a song about a student Maxwell Edison, who first kills his girlfriend, then a lecturer, and finally a judge; which according to Lennon is about ‘instant Karma’, and as Paul McCartney apparently stated that the song, “epitomises the downfall of life. Just as everything seems to be going smoothly, ‘Bang Bang’ down comes Maxwell’s Silver Hammer and ruins everything.”


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