The End
Last night I watched an interesting French short film called The End (2011), on TV5 MONDE, directed by Didier Barcelo, where British actress Charlotte Rampling played herself. A fascinating 17 Minute drama.
Rampling one night discovers herself edited out from one of her old movies being shown on television. The film in question being He Died with His Eyes Open (1985). So begins her pursuit to find out why this has happened, and to locate her newer replacement, which leads her to a studio where a lot of classic film stars are being replaced with newer actors. Reason being, that there is no work for newer actors, and sequels and re-makes are useless, thus the best option is to update old classics by replacing talented geniuses of the past with the fresher less talented stars; in turn completely erasing off the mere existence of previous film stars.
A crazy yet scary phenomena, just imagine if this were to actually happen for real, we would never know what the greats luminaries; like Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor et al; ever looked like. It would be as if they never existed.
I loved the surrealistic ending, where Charlotte Rampling starts to dissolve into the atmosphere. She watches her own hand disappear and in a matter of seconds she vanishes into thin air. Her mere existence has been erased and replaced by a not so great virtual unknown as the new Charlotte Rampling.
Excellent short flick starring a great veteran. Love the movie. Love the concept.

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