Beatle News  # 28 : The Beatles in Paris (Part-II)

Sylvie Vartan & The Beatles (Olympia 1964)

Sylvie Vartan & The Beatles (Olympia 1964)

  • 1960 – Stuart Sutcliffe joins ‘Johnny & The Moondogs’ (The future Beatles).
  •  1964 – The Beatles appear, alongside French singer, Sylvie Vartan, and other French stars, at The Olympia Theatre for a three week engagement. The show opens on Friday, 17th of January, 1964.

While in Paris, the Beatles stayed at the five star George V hotel, and had an upright piano moved into one of their suites, so that they could continue writing songs there. It was whilst here that Paul McCartney wrote Can’t Buy Me Love.

  • 1968 – The Beatles (minus George, who was away at the time), attend a reception for ‘Grapefruit’, a band managed by Apple.
  •  1969 – US release of Yellow Submarine on Parlophone.

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