Beatle News  # 33:  George Harrison ()

George Harrison 25th Feb 2014 (NS)

  • 1943 – George Harrison is born in Liverpool, UK
  • 1958 – By George Harrison’s 15th Birthday, he is a member of the band Quarrymen (The future Beatles). After Harrison’s friend, Paul McCartney; whom Harrison befriended in 1954, having met on a bus to school; became a recent member of the skiffle group (Quarrymen), which was formed by John Lennon, Harrison too joined, earlier, in February 1958, itself.


  • 1963 – Please Please Me makes it to no.1 in some of the music charts


  • 1964 – Three days after The Beatles return to UK, from the United States, on George Harrison’s 21st Birthday, they finish recording Can’t Buy Me Love at Abbey Road. George Harrison receives 50 sacks of mail, for his Birthday, some of which were sent to his parents house in Liverpool, and the rest to the Beatles Fan Club, at Monmouth Street, in London.

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