British Situation Comedies of the 1970’s*
The 1970’s are often regarded as the golden age of the Brit-com (a term I coined, for the British sit-com). Some of my favourite Brit-coms happen to be from the 70’s too, although I actually watched them growing up in the 1980s’ and early 1990’s.

70's Britcoms

70’s Britcoms

Q° 1. Out of the twelve 70’s Brit-coms below:-

a) Which is your favourite? And is it your all time favourite, or just from the 1970’s ?

(i) To the Manor Born (1979–1981)
(ii) Fawlty Towers (1975–1979)
(iii) Butterflies (1978–1983)
(iv) Are You Being Served? (1972–1985)
(v) Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em (1973–1978)
(vi) Father Dear Father (1968–1973)
(vii) Bless This House (1971–1976)
(viii) And Mother Makes Three (1971–1973)
(ix) And Mother Makes Five (1974–1976)
(x) Mind Your Language (1977–1986)
(xi) George & Mildred (1976–1979)
(xii) Man About the House (1973–1976)

b) Please select five Brit-coms, from above, as your Top-5.

70's Britcharacters

70’s Britcharacters

Q° 2. Which one of these 70’s Brit-com comedians/comediennes, is your favourite character?

(i) Penelope Keith as ‘Audrey’ in To the Manor Born
(ii) John Cleese as ‘Basil Fawlty’ in Fawlty Towers
(iii) Mollie Sugden as ‘Mrs. Betty Slocombe’ in Are You Being Served?
(iv) Michael Crawford as ‘Frank Spencer’ in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em
(v) Sidney James as ‘Sid Abbott’ in Bless This House  

Q° 3. If Fawlty Towers were to be re-made today, or were to have a sequel/prequel :-

a) should it be set in the 21st century?

b) The 1970’s itself?


c) There shouldn’t be a re-make, for this classic 70’s Brit-com; with just two seasons, and twelve episodes altogether; is a gem in itself. Why spoil it.

Q° 4. Please recommend another 70’s Brit-com, that’s not mentioned in this questionnaire, that you might like.

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