Yesterday I watched a beautiful short film called Blood of Man (2013) on Youtube.
Blood of ManSet in the late 60’s, one summer, in Georgia, USA, the film is about a little boy who happens to be a compulsive liar, to the extent that his mother washes his mouth with soap. But one day, when the little boy Charlie (Cooper Guy) is walking with his older brother, Neal (William J. Harrison) through the woods, they come across a disturbing situation. Here the older brother tells a white lie, but Charlie, the compulsive liar, the day he should have lied to save someone’s life, out of fear doesn’t. The instant he should have actually lied, he doesn’t, which is something he would end up regretting for the rest of his life.
Ben Watts directing Canon KuipersDirected by Ben Watts, this beautiful little movie; though some what a bit too slow paced, with a feeling of it seemingly never ending, for a short film; is really worth checking out.

Blood of Man (2013) Rating 8/10

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