Robin Williams

Can’t believe this news. How could Robin Williams be dead?
From Cory Monteith, to Paul Walker, to Philip Seymour Hoffman, and now Robin Williams, all these sudden deaths. An unexplained phenomena.
Has Hollywood been hit by some sort of a curse???

Williams in (Left) 'Dead Poets Society' & (Right) Good Will Hunting

Williams in (Left) ‘Dead Poets Society’ & (Right) ‘Good Will Hunting’

None the less a sad loss. One of my favourite comedians, who has starred in some great movies like Good Morning, Vietnam (1987), Dead Poets Society (1989) and Good Will Hunting  (1997); to name a few; to his famed stand-up comic show, a la Robin Williams: Live on Broadway (2002), and his latest sitcom The Crazy Ones (2013-2014), there won’t be another comic star like him.

Such a tragic loss. May he rest in Peace

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