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It’s always interesting to get comments and respond to them once I do a post on my blog. And I have enjoyed that luxury thanks to many a fellow bloggers, and some of them great personalities, such as published authors, Short film directors and famed film critics. But what’s more interesting is when I write a post on something, say a movie or a book, and somebody affiliated to the said movie/book responds positively to my little critique. Two such instances arose, within the last, over 2½ years, that I’ve been blogging.

In December 2013, I wrote about the short film Portraits de Maîtresses (2012) by Rocco Labbé (See Portraits de Maîtresses: Rocco Labbé’s take on Charles Baudelaire). Sometime later, within the same month, while I was very ill, young Mr. Labbé brought a smile to my pale face, when he commented on my ‘About’ page. I was so pleasantly surprised that I forgot my illness for a few minutes. Thank you Rocco Labbé.

In June 2014, I blogged about yet another short film I really enjoyed, Sylvain Bressollette’s Le Ballon de Rouge (2012/2014) (not to be confused with 1956 classic Le Ballon Rouge – See my list 50-50’s on IMDB). Then last evening Mr. Bressollette had commented on my blog, under the post Le Ballon de Rouge (2012/2014). And I also visited his website

Thank you all my fellow bloggers, friends, relatives, and other followers, including Rocco Labbé and Sylvain Bressollette, for enjoying, and commenting on, my blog.
Please keep visiting.

Nuwan Sen
Nuwan Sen’s Film Sense