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P.K. Are you DRUNK ?????

PK, an innocent humanoid Alien walks around the streets of New Delhi, looking for his ‘Remote’, i.e. his way back to his home planet.
PK 1Since E.T. (1982) famously descended on to the screens, over 30 years ago, there have been so many Big Screen Aliens visiting the cinematic world, without much success. Finally now, Director Rajkumar Hirani’s, Bollywood Blockbuster, PK (2014), took over the celluloid world, with one of the most likable fictional Aliens to have visited Planet Cinema, since E.T.

Like the birth of a new born baby, a spaceship, drops off a humanoid alien; without a stitch on his body, except for a flashing beacon (‘Remote’), strung around his neck; into the remote deserts of Rajasthan, India. The alien’s nude trek through the desert; towards a villager with a cassette player/tape recorder, walking along a train track; resembled that of the naked ‘Terminator’ (Arnold Schwarzenegger), from the pretty good, yet cheesy, 80’s, B-movie, cult-classic, The Terminator (1984). The villager steals the alien’s ‘Remote’, and the poor horrified alien manages to grab onto the cassette player, as the villager jumps onto a moving, open hooded, cargo train. Thus begins the alien’s quest to locate his lost ‘Remote’, his only way to contact the spaceship, his only way home. This expedition, ultimately, brings him to the Indian capital city, of New Delhi. This large confusing city, of various faiths, and contrasting mentalities, of the old and the new, makes the curious alien question everything, from religious views, blind devotion, to various brainwashed traditional concepts.

The maestro of the acting world, Aamir Khan, is amazing as ever, as the naïve alien (accidentally named P.K.); that’s more human, than most human beings; with his child like innocence, and curiosity, trying his best, to understand the people of Planet Earth, especially in India, and more specifically, the city of New Delhi.

PK, is a brilliant concept, that questions, fake sense of patriotism, false religious pride and egoistic ethnic personalities, that exist, even in this day and age, not only in India, but around the globe. The movie, through this nameless alien, whom everyone assumes is a man who walks around ‘Pee Kay’ (‘Drunk’ in Hindi), thus named P.K., questions religious beliefs derived out of fear. P.K. makes the ignorant, rack their brains; to help them realise their folly, of blindly following fraudulent religious leaders; and fakes fear for their livelihoods. PK is a cinematic experience, that’s a must, for all film enthusiasts of the world. An intellectual, thought provoking, satirical comedy, that crushes narrow minded sentiments, that still exist in the modern world, even among the well literate, to a certain extent.
PK 2The movie, as most Bollywood films generally do, has a romantic angle too. Yet luckily, PK, does not waste time on the love story between Sarfraz (Sushant Singh Rajput) and Jaggu (Anushka Sharma). Though initially, this India/Pakistan (Hindu/Muslim) love story does not seem that significant to the plot, there is ultimately a relevant reasoning for that romantic input, to help expose a fraudulent Maharishi (Saurabh Shukla). But, Aamir Khan, being the lead character, too, is shown falling in love. Here, I did wonder, was it really necessary for Khan’s alien to fall in love with Jaggu as well? Is it a necessity for the lead actor of a Hindi film to fall in love too? Even if it were unrequited love. Yet, that was just a minor unessential addition to an almost perfect movie, which neither helps nor ruins, the main plot.

Besides this minor, non required, heartbreak, of an alien, the segment set in the state of Rajasthan, though very essential, drags a bit, especially with a song featuring Sanjay Dutt. Was that a necessity? Didn’t it elongate the movie a tad? But yet again, that enjoyable enough, though not required, song and dance sequence, wasn’t that much of a waste of time and space, to ruin this pleasant ride along with a good hearted innocent creature from outer-space. Some interesting sequences set in Rajasthan include, the ‘Dancing Cars’ and P.K. downloading the Bhojpuri language via a prostitute. Of course the satirical comedy set Delhi, is, die out laughing, hilarious. Especially the sequences concerning various differential religions and customs, that tend to further confuse the poor alien, who comes from a planet, where everyone is considered equal.

PK is beautifully shot, in some spectacular locations, including the cobbled streets, of the breathtaking Flemish city, of Bruges (in Belgium), barren landscapes of India’s largest state, Rajasthan, and impressively showcases some iconic historical monumental backdrops of Old and New Delhi (in India). PK also consists of some melodious songs; that one can’t easily get out of their system; specifically the romantic yesteryear style of ‘Chaar Kadam’ (Four Steps), and the comical number featuring Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma, ‘Love is a waste of Time’.

Besides, the great characterisation of P.K. by, Aamir Khan, the rest of the cast is just as superb. Anushka Sharma is amazing as Jagat Janani (a.k.a. Jaggu), a TV journalist who works for a prestigious television channel, in New Delhi, and who too questions blind religious faiths and foolish archaic superstitious beliefs, including of her own family’s. Jaggu desperately tries to expose the fraudulent Maharishi, and ropes in P.K. to help her do so. She is the only being in our planet, besides us, the audience, who is aware that P.K. is actually an extraterrestrial from outer space. Plus that vintage chic short crop hairdo Sharma sports is spot on. She feels like a cool chick from 80’s, especially in a scene she’s seen, wearing a loose white T-shirt, and no pants 🙂 . She looks good, and acts just as well. Boman Irani, another superb actor, does a great job, as Cherry Bajwa, the head of the television news network. Veteran, Parikshat Sahni, is a perfect fit as the god fearing, blindly devoted, disciple of the Maharishi, and Jaggu’s father. Saurabh Shukla is a natural as Tapasvi Maharaj, the deceptive Maharishi, conning fearful ignorant minds. Sanjay Dutt and Sushant Singh Rajput, are pretty interesting in their respective cameo appearances. But Ranbir Kapoor (of the famous Kapoor dynasty of Bollywood), puts on his usual, unimaginative, hackneyed, goggle eyed, dumb expression, seen in quite a few of his movies, in his blink of an eye, appearance. Besides these, other minor characters are also quite good in their respective roles.

A couple of Hindu organisations, wanted the film banned, as it apparently hurt Hindu sentiments. But their protests didn’t play, and PK was a big hit India.

Bollywood makes thousands of movies per year, and the whole of India (including other regional cinema), makes the largest number of films in the world. But majority of films that come out are crap. But when India get it right, they sure get it right. India has brought out some very good movies, including some of the greatest films ever, with an international standard, that happen to be amongst the best loved films in the world. Not just movies that are here today, and gone tomorrow. Not just Bollywood films, but films from the rest of the Indian film fraternities as well, especially when it comes to Bengali Art cinema, as well as Indian English language movies. India has brought out some excellent movies, that tend to age well, even though percentage wise, it might be a miniscule percentage of films, considering the output of Indian films, per year.

PK being an exceptional story, I don’t know if it ought to be necessarily nominated for ‘Best Film’, but it definitely should at least be nominated, if not gain a win, for ‘Best Script’, ‘Best Original Story’, ‘Best Director’ and no doubt secure a nomination for ‘Best Actor’, at all the prestigious Indian Award functions.

It’s extremely rare for a good movie, to make it’s way into the cinemas here. So am, so glad, PK ventured it’s way, across the Palk Straight (ocean strip), down here, and I got to watch it on the Big Screen, day before yesterday, on the 27th of January, 2015.

PK (2014) is an almost excellent, commercially successful, movie, with a brilliant social message. 9/10!!!!

Nuwan Sen’s Film Sense

On the 2nd of December, 2014, watched the television movie; based on real life events, that led to the eccentric lifestyles, of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ aunt and cousin, in their latter days; Grey Gardens (2009). One of the DVD’s I brought from Australia.

From Riches to Rags  Grey Gardens (2009) Based on a True Story

From Riches to Rags: Grey Gardens (2009). Based on a True Story (Nuwan Sen’s Historical Sense)

In the early 1970’s, brothers (Documentary Filmmaking duo) Albert and David Maysles, had initially planned to document a film on former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ (widow of late President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, and by now re-married, to Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis), young life in East Hampton, New York. But once the project fell through, and having heard of the notorious scandal about ‘Grey Gardens’, a dilapidated house in the neighbourhood of East Hampton, New York, the brothers decided to make a documentary (a reality show), about Mrs. Edith Bouvier Beale (Big Edie) and her daughter, (also named) Edith Bouvier Beale (Little Edie), the residents of ‘Grey Gardens’. Mrs. Bouvier Beale, was Jacqueline (née Bouvier) Kennedy’s father’s sister, thus Little Edie, was Jacqueline’s first cousin, who was almost 12 years older than Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.

Mrs. Edith Bouvier Beale (a.k.a. Big Edie)

Mrs. Edith Bouvier Beale (a.k.a. Big Edie) The Mother

Thus, the direct cinema documentary, Grey Gardens (1975), was born. The 2009 television film, starts off here, in the early 70’s, and flashes back to 1936, where Little Edie (magnificently played by Drew Barrymore), with Gardenias decorating her hair, is nervously getting ready for her ‘Débutante’ (a social event where a young lady from an aristocratic/Upper-Class family , is introduced to society at a formal presentation, once she has reached the age of maturity. Which meant the young lady was eligible to marry, and part of the purpose was to display her to eligible bachelors and their families within their circle). The film flashes back and forth, rendering a beautiful sad tale, of the fall of a high society mother and daughter, into poverty, negligence, loneliness and a dysfunctional, shabby, lifestyle.

Drew Barrymore (as the daughter, Little Edie) and Jessica Lange (as the mother, Big Edie) in a scene from Grey Gardens (2009)

Drew Barrymore (as the daughter, Little Edie) and Jessica Lange (as the mother, Big Edie) in a scene from Grey Gardens (2009)

Such a sad, tragic, heartrending story told, so beautifully, about the Bouvier Beale, mother and daughter. Jessica Lange does a superb portrayal of Big Edie, of her highs and lows, showcasing her high societal status and her decline into a reclusive, unsocial existence. While Drew Barrymore isn’t far behind as the daughter, Little Edie, capturing the tragic decent from class, elegance and sophistication to insanity, an untidy lifestyle and self-imprisonment in her mother’s home. This film brilliantly depicts, the unhappy life of Mother and daughter, living in seclusion, and extreme poverty, within their property, completely cut off from society. A rare real life tragedy, of a mother and daughter’s deterioration from riches to rags.

Drew Barrymore as Little Edie in her younger days.

Drew Barrymore as Little Edie in her younger days.

Their lives and home, were ultimately in such pathetic state, that finally Jackie O’ (played by Jeanne Tripplehorn, in a cameo, in the movie), came to their rescue. Why Big Edie’s two sons, never bothered to help them, remains a mystery. At the same time, Big Edie, never wanted to leave ‘Grey Gardens’, either, for it had been her home, since she acquired it in 1924. So in 1972, Jacqueline Onassis, helped them, donating money and workmen, to bring back the house to a habitable standard, that wasn’t in violation of any New York health codes.


Jeanne Tripplehorn as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Jessica Lange as Big Edie, in a scene from, Grey Gardens (2009)

Jeanne Tripplehorn as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Jessica Lange as Big Edie, in a scene from, Grey Gardens (2009)

I heard about the 1975 documentary, over 10 years ago, and had an interest in checking it out back then. Then this television movie came out in 2009, but I thought I’d rather watch the documentary first, and then the feature film. But when I saw the DVD, of the new film, available Down Under, I just had to buy it. Now, after watching Grey Gardens (2009), am even more keen on watching the original documentary, Grey Gardens (1975) by the Maysles Brothers.

Grey Gardens

Drew Barrymore as Little Edie in her older days at ‘Grey Gardens’.

The Maysles duo deserve a great thank you, for bringing out the lives of these amazingly astonishing women, who were helplessly stuck in the past. If not for these brothers’ documentary, these two women, would have been long forgotten, erased from history. And a bigger gratitude to director Michael Sucsy, for bringing out this wonderful feature adaptation for the small screen. This fascinating film honours and sympathises with these two tragic individuals, without making a mockery of them. It’s a sad, yet beautiful, movie to sit through.

Miss Edith Bouvier Beale (a.k.a. Little Edie) The Daughter

Miss Edith Bouvier Beale (a.k.a. Little Edie) The Daughter

After the success of the 1975 documentary, Big Edie passed away, in 1977. Little Edie finally sold the house in 1979. Little Edie died all alone in 2002, and her body was discovered, five days after her death. A sad end to a tragic life.

Grey Gardens (2009), won two Golden Globes, one for ‘Best Television Movie’, and a ‘Best Actress’ award for Drew Barrymore. Jessica Lange was also nominated in the same category as Barrymore. Plus, this movie, won six Emmy Awards, including for ‘Best Television Movie’, and ‘Best Actress’ for Jessica Lange. Drew Barrymore too was nominated in the same category as well. Added to which this television film got various accolades at various award functions. Excellent 10/10 !!!!!

Nuwan Sen’s Television Film Sense
Nuwan Sen’s Film Sense

Continuing reviewing the DVD films, brought from Down Under. This time some of the films I watched in December 2014.
The Dangerous Llives of Altar Boys (poster)
A Teenage Prank gone Wrong – The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

On December 3rd, 2014, watched this noughties flick set in the 70’s, directed by Peter Care, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (2002).

The film is about a group of rebellious teenage boys, from a strict catholic school, who are constantly getting into trouble. Prank after prank, their mischief gets out of hand, and one day, they try to steal a cougar to place it inside their school. This final prank, results in a grave tragedy, that could bring an end, to their happy go lucky, teenage lives, for good.

The brilliant actress, Jodie Foster, plays Sister Assumpta, a strict disciplinarian, who’s seen as a monster by her pupils. Yet, she’s not as bad, as the teenage students seem to see her as. Foster, though a great actress, hasn’t much of a role to explore in this movie. She’s good, but there is nothing great about her role. Any good enough actress, needn’t be a brilliant one, could have pulled it off. I personally feel Foster, who’s capable of so much more, was wasted in this film about teenage life. A very young, Emile Hirsch, is superb, as Francis Doyle, the protagonist of the film. The makings of a future great actor, are visible, in Hirsch’s portrayal of young rebel, here. As an adult, he’s done such amazing work in excellent films like, Into the Wild (2007), Milk (2008), and the near excellent, Taking Woodstock (2009) (See my post From The Wild to Woodstock: Happy Birthday Mr. E. Hirsch from couple of years ago). Kieran Culkin, though hasn’t done anything that great in recent years, has had the potential of being a superb actor, as one can tell, watching young Culkin in The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys. Plus he had proven his worth, as a child star, in bit roles; holding his own, along side his brother, Macaulay Culkin, in the two Home Alone (90’ & 92’) movies, and; in films like, Nowhere to Run (1993), She’s All That (1999), Music of the Heart (1999), The Cider House Rules (1999), and his excellent performance, in Igby Goes Down (2002).

Kieran Culkin and Emile Hirsch in a scene from The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (2002)

Kieran Culkin and Emile Hirsch in a scene from The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (2002)

The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, is a very creative coming of age film. It’s a teenage movie, for teenagers, about teenagers (though rated for a mature audience), yet, at the same time, it’s also very dark and tragic. Like My Girl (1991), which was a children’s film, about children, for children, yet dark and tragic at the same time. Of course My Girl, wasn’t exactly suitable for very little children. The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, is interestingly made, injecting the teenagers imaginary world, through animation, going parallel to the actual events in the movie. Plus it explores the contrast between a strict brainwashed religious upbringing, against teenagers growing up with a mind of their own, a brain that’s capable of thinking of themselves. At the same time, the extremities of the two worlds, are explored. Trying to brainwash growing up 14 year olds, only ends up pushing them further to the edge of rebellion, with disastrous results.

A very good movie, and I highly recommend it, especially for teenagers. 8/10!!!!


An Ozzie Classic from The 80’s – The Man from Snowy River

Watched this Australian movie, The Man from Snowy River (1982), on the same night, 3rd of December, 2014.
The Man from Snowy RiverThere are very few Australian movies that I happen to like (and even fewer that I love), for example, Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) Excellent !!, Don’s Party (1976) Very Good !!, Gallipoli (1981) Excellent !!, The Year of Living Dangerously (1982) Excellent !!, A Cry in the Dark (1988) Very Good !!, Dead Calm (1989) Pretty Good !!, Proof (1991) Excellent !!, Muriel’s Wedding (1994) Near Excellence !!, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994) Very Good !!, Lantana (2001) Pretty Good !!, Australian Rules (2002) Very Good !!, The Rage in Placid Lake (2003) Near Excellence !!, Go Big (2004) Pretty Good !!, The Proposition (2005) Near Excellence !! Little Fish (2005) Pretty Good !!, Ten Canoes (2006) Excellent !!, Book of Revelation (2006) Very Good !!, Australia (2008) Very Good!!, and Balibo (2009) Near Excellence!! to name a few. I had heard about this famous classic called, The Man from Snowy River, being Australia’s answer to Hollywood’s Gone with the Wind (1939), as the 1977 novel Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough was supposed to be the Australian Gone with the Wind (the 1936 novel) by Margaret Mitchell. Thorn Birds was an excellent novel, that I read back in the 90’s, but The Man from Snowy River, isn’t anywhere as epic as (the movie) Gone with the Wind, was. Yet, this famed classic from down under, is still an excellent movie, and among the greatest films ever made, worldwide.

Based on a poem, from 1890, by Australian Bush Poet, Banjo Paterson, The Man from Snowy River, tells the tale of a young man, who single-handed, recaptures a colt of a prize-winning racehorse, that had escaped and been residing amongst wild horses. Of course the movie version is injected with, young love, misunderstandings and melodrama. But the blend of all these ingredients, along with some superb cinematography, and thrilling horse riding sequences, result in an excellence of movie making. A marvellous classic. 10/10!!!!!


A Conniving Man’s Success Story – The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Watched this bio-pic, based on the life of Jordan Ross Belfort; a notorious American stockbroker, who pleaded guilty to fraud and crimes in connection with stock market manipulation, and other related crimes; called The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), on 4th December, 2014.

Wow!! Shockingly Great!!! What great performances!!! Director Martin Scorsese, has managed to get his actors to push their limits, to bring out the best of the sleazy world of cheats, money, fraudulence, sex, drugs, prostitution and alcohol. The most disgusting characters in the world, performed to perfection, by some of the best actors we have today. Leonardo DiCaprio, is seen here in one of his best performances ever. He definitely deserved the Oscar nod, last year (see my post Leonardo DiCaprio: Always the Oscar Bait, Never the Winner from March 2014 for my ). Raw, exposed and hardcore, the movie doesn’t shy away from extremist debauchery, sleaze and graphic sexual content. It’s surprising to see DiCaprio pull this off, with such ease, especially, as a decade ago, he supposedly turned down the role of ‘Matthew’, in Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Dreamers (2003), because of it’s explicit nature. He’s grown up since then, as a person and an actor, who dares to experiment. Like the Scorsese/Robert De Niro combination in the past, Scorsese & DiCaprio together, happen to be a superb Director-Actor duo, who have brought out some great films in the recent past. Yet this is the finest work, they’ve made together, so far. May they keep getting better. Director Martin Scorsese is the best thing to have happened to  Leonardo DiCaprio’s career.

On the sets of The Wolf of Wall Street.  Martin Scorsese directing Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie.

On the sets of The Wolf of Wall Street.
Martin Scorsese directing Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie.

The surprise package of the movie, happens to be, Jonah Hill. Who unexpectedly brings out a marvellous performance as Donnie Azoff, Belfort’s business partner. Australian actress, Margot Robbie, plays Belfort’s second wife, Naomi Lapaglia. Her portrayal too is superb as a trophy wife. Some may consider her portrayal sexist, and demeaning to women. Not just her, but the way women are showcased in The Wolf of Wall Street in general. But the movie is about a sexist egoistic man’s world, more accurately the sordid corrupt world of Jordan Ross Belfort. Yet Belfort is loved by his colleagues and people who work under him, for he has made them rich, through conning the rich and the poor alike, respectable or not.

This movie also has some pretty filthy language, as never seen before. The level of profanity, exceeds to unimaginable peaks. The word ‘fuck’ (along with its numerous conjugations) is used 569 times, making this the film with the most use of the ‘F’ word, in a main-stream feature film, ever, till date. Added to which, the film offers other derogatory terms and countless obscenities.

The Wolf of Wall Street is one of the best movies ever made, about one of the worst people ever to have existed in the financial world of Wall Street. Taking a cue from the films, specifically Belfort’s, vocabulary, I just have to say this, about the lead actor. Leonardo DiCaprio, you are a fucking genius. So is the movie. Pure Excellence 10/10!!!!!


Slapstick 60’s, with a Great Cast – What’s new Pussycat?

Crazy is as Crazy Goes. Watched this enjoyable comedy, starring Peter O’Toole, Peter Sellers, Romy Schneider, Capucine, Paula Prentiss, Françoise Hardy and Woody Allen (in his introductory role), on the 5th of December, 2014. What’s new Pussycat (1965) deals with a compulsive playboy, Michael James (O’Toole), whose shrink, Dr. Fritz Fassbender (Sellers), happens to be crazier than he is.

What’s New Pussycat (1965)

Woody Allen, Romy Schneider & Peter O’Toole in What’s New Pussycat (1965)

What’s new Pussycat is a hilarious, colourful, wacky, British comedy, set and shot in Paris. O’Toole’s character, Michael James, happens to be a womaniser, but not by choice. Since his young age, women just seem to be attracted by him, thus all he’s doing his pleasing them. Women just seem to fall from the sky for him, literally, Ursula Andress, in a cameo, accidentally parachutes into his ‘1936 Singer Le Mans’ car, a classic open hooded British car. Yet James loves his fiancée, Carole Werner (Schneider), and desperately tries to be faithful to her. So he decides to get help, from psychoanalyst, Dr. Fritz Fassbender. Peter Sellers is, crack up laughing, hilarious, as the crazed Dr. Fassbender, who only ends up feeling jealous at poor James’ dilemma, and wonders what his problem is. Worse, when the lady, Renée Lefebvre (Capucine), whom the very married Dr. Fassbender, happens to be stalking, too falls, head over heels, for James, adding to James’ femme nightmare. Paula Prentiss too is superb as the clingy neurotic American, who constantly, tries to unsuccessfully kill herself, making James constantly getting an emergency doctor down to save her. The nurse that comes along, too seems attracted to James. Hilarious as hilarity goes, Romy Schneider, is enjoyable as his fiancée, trying her best to trust him, but who keeps ending up finding James in suspicious circumstances, involving other women.

Things go crazier than crazy, when the whole cast end up at the Chateau Chantelle hotel, in the French countryside, unaware of each others presence.

Though not among the greatest comedies ever, this absurdist romp, of what can also be seen, as glued up sequences of hilarious skits, minus a real plot, to make up, a less than 2 hour, movie, is definitely worth a watch. Quite Good. 7/10!!! 


Consequences of Drug Addiction – Panic in Needle Park

Al Pacino & Kitty Winn (Al Pacino - inset as well) in a scene from Panic in Needle Park (1971)

Al Pacino & Kitty Winn (Al Pacino – inset as well) in a scene from Panic in Needle Park (1971)

Starring Al Pacino; as a drug dealer and addict who helps a sickly woman (Kitty Winn) worse off than he is, yet gets deeper into drug addiction, dragging her down along with him, and is unable to save, neither her nor himself; Panic in Needle Park (1971) is a hardcore, near perfect, depiction of the consequences of being addicted to heroin. Watched it on 12th & 13th of December, 2014.

A stark portrayal of the lives of heroin addicts in the early 70’s New York. The story deals with heroin dealer and addict, Bobby (Pacino), who falls in love with a sickly unhappy girl, Helen Reeves (Winn). He decides to help her, but unaware, he gets her hooked into heroin as well. Thus begins their decent into a deepening hellish world with no scope for escape. The film is so realistically filmed, Panic in Needle Park, was among the significant phase of the ‘X’ rated movies, to come out in the early 70’s. Especially, for it’s harsh depiction of the intricate ritual of preparing and injecting the heroin into a vein, ‘shooting up’ drugs, and various graphic imagery related to heroin addiction. Heroin usage is prevalent throughout the movie.

The movie is a near excellent insight into the world of drugs and deterioration, along with innocence and entrapment. The film also marked Al Pacino’s and Kitty Winn’s, first lead roles.

Director Jerry Schatzberg, was nominated for the ‘Palme d’Or’, and Kitty Winn won the ‘Best Actress’ Award, at the 1971 Cannes Film Festival.

Pure Realism. 9/10!!!!


Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii

Hawaiian Musical Dream – Blue Hawaii

Watched Blue Hawaii (1961), with Elvis Presley, and bevy of Beach Babes, on 18th December, 2014.

The Plus+ side – Beautiful rhythmic Songs, Beautiful scenic Beaches, Beautiful people, and one of the rare movies which showcases a male lead that is prettier that his female co-stars. Added to which, a superb actress like, Angela Lansbury, playing mother to Elvis Presley, is a major plus point.

The down side – Not much of plot, and a somewhat predictable story, so far as the love story goes. Yet the music, the comedy and the beautiful star cast, make Blue Hawaii an enjoyable experience.

The story is about Chad Gates (Presley), who returns to Hawaii, after serving his tenure in the Army. His filthy rich parents want him to join the family business, but he has other idea’s for his future.

Being the very first Elvis film to be shot in Hawaii, Blue Hawaii, was quite well received, by youngsters, at the time, and happens to be among the ‘Top-10’, top grossing, movies of 1961. An enjoyable viewing. Love the Presley songs. Love the Presley voice. Love the Presley look.
Pretty Good movie to sit through. 7/10!!!

Nuwan Sen’s Film Sense

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Has it been a month already, it feels like just yesterday that I adopted a tiny little puppy, and named her Gingerella. Of course at the same time, it feels like she’s been with us for ages, biting everything and everyone around, in love and war. My hands are full of scars from her love bites. She’s brought us a load of work and happiness. We are busy 24/7.
Gingy Desktop 1Gingerella and Social Networking
Gingerella has finally made it to the, most addictive and popular, online, social network, of the 21st century, so far. Yes she’s on Facebook now. It was a bit of a hassle, but I finally got it done.

I first learnt about Facebook, over eight years ago, while residing in Sydney, Australia. By January 2007, practically everyone I knew was on this cool network. But I never felt like getting into this new trend. I felt it was quite time consuming, and a real waste of time. I have great regard for Mark Zuckerberg, the young inventor of Facebook, and later I really enjoyed the movie, The Social Network (2010), an excellent biographical account on Zuckerberg’s invention and rise to fame. He’s a genius, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone using his famed invention is. In fact, majority of people on this network are far from it, and use it for extremely nonsensical reasons. But, after an eight year hiatus, I finally gave in. I had to, for the sake of my adopted, four-legged, baby girl, Gingerella.
Gingy Desktop 2So, on the 2nd of January, 2015, I proudly opened up a Facebook account for Gingerella, against opposition. Things went fine, and some of my friends accepted her ‘Friend’ request. Great!!! The next day, I tried to log in, I couldn’t, and it said since it’s not my personal account, I need to open up a separate Page for her instead, after downloading the original information. So I did that. Then her Page was almost ready, but it required somebody with an existing Facebook account, to control it. Since I don’t have a Facebook account, I’d have to open up one for myself. Thus, I decided, I had no choice, but to open up an account for myself, for her sake. So, I tried to do that, with my Yahoo mail account, that I’ve been using since December 2002. Then it said, since there is already one Facebook account with this e-mail (Gingerella’s account that I had opened, a day earlier, and couldn’t get into, the next day, and the very reason for this mess in the first place), I cannot open up another account. I practically gave up here. I was so annoyed with Facebook. I had felt like opening up one for Gingy, so that I can upload her pictures, on the page, as she grows up. Dog lovers would enjoy following her. I felt the negativity of this country, had paid off. I hate being surrounded by negative energy in general, with people here constantly saying ‘No’, ‘Don’t’ ‘Cannot’, ‘Would Not’, No! No! No! all the time (at the same time those are words we say to Gingy most of the time. Stop! Don’t! No!! 🙂 ). Anyway, having wasted so much of time on trying to activate a Facebook Page for her, I felt I should just stop. I enjoy blogging, and love my twitter account. That’s enough. A little later, on the same day, 3rd of January, 2015, once I cooled down a bit, I finally opened up a Facebook account for myself, using my old Rediffmail account (an e-mail account that I haven’t used in ages) in turn converting Gingerella’s account into a Facebook Page. Some friends and relatives have already started following Gingy’s Page. After all my little puppy is adorable. How can one not resist loving that innocent, mischievous, creature. Gingerella has replaced the position, my sister held for all these years, as the baby of the house.
Gingy Desktop 3Anyway, even though I had no interest in opening up an account, am glad I did, for I located friends I knew from over 20 years ago, that I had lost touch with. Besides, having lived in six countries, my friends are from all over the world, from various countries. It’s nice to be in touch with my old friends and other friendly acquaintances.

So my fellow bloggers, if you are interested, you can befriend me as well, on Nuwan Sen, my account is public anyway, I’ve got nothing to hide. Plus, follow Gingerella’s Page on Gingerella Sen. Her Page is public too. I’ll hardly do much on Nuwan Sen, but shall update Gingy’s Page quite regularly. Watch her grow online (on Gingerella Sen).

Nuwan Sen n’ Gingerella

P.S. Also see my post Gingerella from last month (December 2014)

Happy New Year

Pix: Today Afternoon (1st January 2015) Happy New Year

Pix: Today Afternoon (1st January 2015) Happy New Year

Gingerella & I wish, all my fellow bloggers, Friends, Family, and other visitors, a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.
May 2015 be a fabulous year for all of us.
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