Has it been a month already, it feels like just yesterday that I adopted a tiny little puppy, and named her Gingerella. Of course at the same time, it feels like she’s been with us for ages, biting everything and everyone around, in love and war. My hands are full of scars from her love bites. She’s brought us a load of work and happiness. We are busy 24/7.
Gingy Desktop 1Gingerella and Social Networking
Gingerella has finally made it to the, most addictive and popular, online, social network, of the 21st century, so far. Yes she’s on Facebook now. It was a bit of a hassle, but I finally got it done.

I first learnt about Facebook, over eight years ago, while residing in Sydney, Australia. By January 2007, practically everyone I knew was on this cool network. But I never felt like getting into this new trend. I felt it was quite time consuming, and a real waste of time. I have great regard for Mark Zuckerberg, the young inventor of Facebook, and later I really enjoyed the movie, The Social Network (2010), an excellent biographical account on Zuckerberg’s invention and rise to fame. He’s a genius, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone using his famed invention is. In fact, majority of people on this network are far from it, and use it for extremely nonsensical reasons. But, after an eight year hiatus, I finally gave in. I had to, for the sake of my adopted, four-legged, baby girl, Gingerella.
Gingy Desktop 2So, on the 2nd of January, 2015, I proudly opened up a Facebook account for Gingerella, against opposition. Things went fine, and some of my friends accepted her ‘Friend’ request. Great!!! The next day, I tried to log in, I couldn’t, and it said since it’s not my personal account, I need to open up a separate Page for her instead, after downloading the original information. So I did that. Then her Page was almost ready, but it required somebody with an existing Facebook account, to control it. Since I don’t have a Facebook account, I’d have to open up one for myself. Thus, I decided, I had no choice, but to open up an account for myself, for her sake. So, I tried to do that, with my Yahoo mail account, that I’ve been using since December 2002. Then it said, since there is already one Facebook account with this e-mail (Gingerella’s account that I had opened, a day earlier, and couldn’t get into, the next day, and the very reason for this mess in the first place), I cannot open up another account. I practically gave up here. I was so annoyed with Facebook. I had felt like opening up one for Gingy, so that I can upload her pictures, on the page, as she grows up. Dog lovers would enjoy following her. I felt the negativity of this country, had paid off. I hate being surrounded by negative energy in general, with people here constantly saying ‘No’, ‘Don’t’ ‘Cannot’, ‘Would Not’, No! No! No! all the time (at the same time those are words we say to Gingy most of the time. Stop! Don’t! No!! 🙂 ). Anyway, having wasted so much of time on trying to activate a Facebook Page for her, I felt I should just stop. I enjoy blogging, and love my twitter account. That’s enough. A little later, on the same day, 3rd of January, 2015, once I cooled down a bit, I finally opened up a Facebook account for myself, using my old Rediffmail account (an e-mail account that I haven’t used in ages) in turn converting Gingerella’s account into a Facebook Page. Some friends and relatives have already started following Gingy’s Page. After all my little puppy is adorable. How can one not resist loving that innocent, mischievous, creature. Gingerella has replaced the position, my sister held for all these years, as the baby of the house.
Gingy Desktop 3Anyway, even though I had no interest in opening up an account, am glad I did, for I located friends I knew from over 20 years ago, that I had lost touch with. Besides, having lived in six countries, my friends are from all over the world, from various countries. It’s nice to be in touch with my old friends and other friendly acquaintances.

So my fellow bloggers, if you are interested, you can befriend me as well, on Nuwan Sen, my account is public anyway, I’ve got nothing to hide. Plus, follow Gingerella’s Page on Gingerella Sen. Her Page is public too. I’ll hardly do much on Nuwan Sen, but shall update Gingy’s Page quite regularly. Watch her grow online (on Gingerella Sen).

Nuwan Sen n’ Gingerella

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