A Trio of Nominations
I’ve been nominated, by three different Bloggers, for a trio of Blog Awards.
Liebster award 2015Liebster Award by Vinnieh of Vinnieh on 20th May 2015
(A superb film blogger, and one of the earliest bloggers to locate my blog)
Most dragons loyalty awardDragon’s Loyalty Award by Reut Ziri of Sweet Archive on  29th May 2015
(A music and cinema blogger, whose blog I stumbled upon quite recently)
Beautiful Bloggers AwardBeautiful Blog Award by Jonathan & Aaron Ferrara of Husband & Husband on 4th June 2015
(A couple of published authors, who also happen to be a lovely young married couple as well)

So thank you Vinnieh, Reut, Jonathan & Aaron for considering me worthy of the recognition you’ve awarded me, or rather, and especially, my Blog. And am truly sorry for the delay.

This is my 2nd Liebster Award (different logo though) and Dragon Loyalty Award (see my previous s), and my very 1st Beautiful Blog Award.

So here’s the usual drill (as many of you, my fellow bloggers, would already know)

*Thank the people who nominated me, and add the pictures of the awards above. (DONE)

*Answer the eight questions prepared by Vinnieh, for me, for the Liebster Award

Vinnieh’s Q1. What made you decide to start writing a blog?
Nuwan Sen’s A1. I needed a platform, to place my film critiques, without anyone ruining my articles. So that I can publish them, in their original state, as written by me.

VQ2. A night out with friends or a movie night in?
NSA2. A night out with friends, watching a movie on the Big Screen; and then discussing and analysing it at length. But haven’t done that for ages.

VQ3. Buffy or Charmed?
NSA3. Neither

VQ4. What is favourite item of clothing?
NSA4. Straight/tight fit, Blue Jeans, that have never gone out of style since the 1800’s (for casual wear), with a loose simple T-shirt, or tucked in fitting shirt. Formal wear: I love the Indian Kurta, combined with the western formal trouser, with dress socks & sleek shoes.

VQ5. Who is your favourite actress if you had to choose just one?
NSA5. Audrey Hepburn, Of Course!!!!!

VQ6. How do you follow news around the world?
NSA6. On the net, television news, and foreign newspapers and magazines, when available.

VQ7. What is the most disturbing film you have ever seen?
NSA7. Rosemary’s Baby (1968) I think. It’s an excellent psychological horror movie, by veteran film director, Roman Polanski. I highly recommend it.

VQ8. Are you get up and go person or someone who needs to be motivated?
NSA8. Get up and go person (in the rest of the world) & someone who needs to be motivated (in lazy lethargic lanka).

*List 7 Random thing about myself for the Dragon Loyalty and Beautiful Blog, Awards

About Me
1. The best thing that happened to my life is  (a.k.a. Gingy). She’s my little pet (literally), a puppy I adopted on the 7th of December, 2014, exactly half a year ago, today (See & follow her Facebook Page, Gingerella Sen, if you are a dog/animal lover).

Last Night: Gingerella (a.k.a. Gingy) enjoying some of my Audrey Hepburn films, from my collection. In my Room - On my Bed

Last Night: Gingerella (a.k.a. Gingy) enjoying some of my Audrey Hepburn films, from my collection.
In my Room – On my Bed

2. I have never been on a date, till date. Been out with friends, both male and female, on a one on one basis (lunch/dinner/movie/other outings), but never on a date.

3. I believe in Equal Rights. Am a Gentleman to a Lady, and a bitch to bitch. Well actually I tend to have a lot of patience, but there is always a limit to everything and anything.

4. I practice my own version of the cliché, “Forgive & Forget ”. I prefer to forgive, and forget they ever existed.

5. I wish no one any harm. About people that make me unhappy, I wish them all the best, but hope that they just stay the fuck away from my life.

6. I love the city and country of my birth (New Delhi, India); but dislike the country of my unfortunate roots (Sri Lanka), that has given me nothing but misery (and where I happen to live now, unfortunately).

7. Ps is the most beautiful concrete jungle, I have ever lived in, till date.

8. I have lived in six countries, in three continents. I consider myself international, a citizen of the world, going beyond borders. I belong to any country, that accepts me as one of their own.

*Nominate 10 Bloggers for all three awards pictured above.

1. Ruth of Silver Screenings
2. Jim Turnbull of The Good, the Bad and the Average
3. Robert of Righteous Cinema
4. Kristina of Speakeasy
5. Paul S of Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies
6. Jackson of Movie Man Jackson
7. Akhiz of Akhiz Munawar
8. Roger of A Guy without Boxers
9. Coolsville of Coolsville
10. The Critic Man of Thy Criticman

*List 10 questions for my nominees

Nuwan Sen’s Q1. What’s your favourite novel?
NSQ2. What’s your favourite movie?
NSQ3. What’s your favourite movie, based on a novel, you have read?
NSQ4. What’s your favourite movie, based on a novel, you have not read?
NSQ5. British Hitchcock or Hollywood Hitchcock?
NSQ6. Non-American born Hollywood stars or American born Hollywood stars?
NSQ7. Which famous personality, did you idolise as a child, and whom do you idolise now, as an adult?
NSQ8. Which film starring Audrey Hepburn is your favourite? And which film role of hers, do you admire the most?
NSQ9. Who is your all time favourite film director?
NSQ10. What’s you favourite Oscar moment?

A Big Thank You, once again, for Vinnieh, Reut, Jonathan & Aaron, for honouring my Blog, No Nonsense with Nuwan Sen, with these award nominations.

Kind Regards
Nuwan Sen