Wishing all my fellow bloggers a very Happy X-mas, for year 2015!!!
X-mas 2015 (a)

X-mas 2015 (b)PIX: Gingerella & I, today morning (around 9:30 am), under our sketchy Christmas tree (which I quickly drew up, in watercolours, on Sunday evening), in my bedroom.
X-mas (c)PIX: Gingerella, today, early in the morning (around 6:00 am), trying to unwrap her X-mas Gift/Christmas Bone, on my Bed, in my room.
Julie Andrews - The Sound Of Christmas

X-mas with Meet me in St. Louis

X-mas with Batman ReturnsI know I haven’t been able to do much blogging, within the last couple of months. Been going through some stuff, besides being a bit ill, on and off, and busy, as well. So thank you fellow bloggers for sticking with me. I haven’t forgotten you, and I hope to get back, deeply submerging myself, into the world BLOG’s, ASAP!!!!! Blogging is a great stress release, added to the fact, that it’s one thing in my life I really enjoy doing, despite all the uncalled for distractions, which don’t really help. Yet, my Blog, is the second best thing in my life, after Gingy (a.k.a Gingerella Sen). I shall get back on it soon.

Enjoy this holiday season

Nuwan Sen