WHAT???? ‘Gone with the Wind’ racist?? Are they MAD????

Hattie mcDaniel as Mammy in Gone with the Wind (1939)

If Americans think that one of the biggest racial issues Trumpland is facing today, is the viewing of Gone with the Wind (1939); they’ve totally gone BONKERS!!

The Orpheum Theatre, in Memphis, Tennessee; recently pulled out the showing of this iconic Hollywood epic, on the grounds it was too insensitive for modern audiences. That’s soooo stupid. Are they insane??? Gone with the Wind, especially taking into account the time period it was made in (minus modern day technical wizardry), happens to be one of the greatest Hollywood creations ever. Plus, it’s my second favourite film ever (pls also see my post My Favourite movie by decade, My Favourite Oscar Winner per decade from March 2014; and my list of critiques Why I love …. from November/December 2012 on IMDB)



  • Ridiculous. You can’t nor should you rewrite history. The good, the bad, and the ugly are all a part of our American past. How can you glean wisdom if you don’t learn about the journey of how you got here, today? In other words, “You’ve come a long way, baby!” is a necessary journey to realize.

  • How very worrying. What Cindy said. And Patti McDaniel was the first black actor/actress to win an Oscar. A significant milestone.

  • I agree with you. The film deals with the Civil war and it should show the racist past of that era. It is a movie. Moreover, the film itself was made in the past and people back then did not have the views which people share in the 21st century. To ban a film only because a poor film of 1939 does not have “the standards” of the 21st century mentality is the greatest of stupidities. And, you are right – we are talking about “Gone with the Wind”, one of the greatest films ever made!

    Hmm, my only explanation is that people think that “Gone with the Wind” should also be “punished” for the way it handled the production and the aura surrounding the film in its premiere, after all, Hattie McDaniel DID sit separately from her co-stars at the ceremony and only because she was black. I don’t agree with it being any reason, of course, I am just looking at possible hatred for this film.

    • Sad that Hattie McDaniel had to sit separately, just because of her skin colour. BUT the 30’s America was still an era of segregation, so one has no right to blame the movie, for these minor facts. Rosa Parks was yet to refuse her seat to the white man. If McDaniel’s was made to sit separately from the late 50’s on wards, now that would have been an issue to punish a production.
      THNX, for agreeing!!! GWTW is one of my all time favourites!!! Love it!! AND Love McDaniel!!!! ❤

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