Moooovies!!!!! PIX: 18th of April, Year 2012

Welcome to Nuwan Sen’s page. 

My first words as a baby, most probably were, ‘‘…mmm…Movies’’, even though am led to believe otherwise. I am a born Film Fanatic, a Movie Maniac, a Cinema Enthusiast!!! ❤ To the extent, I ended up doing an MA in International Cinema, at the University of Luton, Luton, UK (Class of 2002 – 2003). Currently residing in an aesthetically depressive country, that has no appreciation or respect for the ARTS, I decided to start this BLOG, so that I can share my love for the aesthetics, specifically the fine art of the cinematic arts, with like minded people around the globe. Besides films, I’ll be posting write-ups on Art, Books, Fashion, Travel, Science and other posts of Historical significance. I’ve always considered myself as an Artist‘e’ with an ‘e’.

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 AND – No nonsense here, You’ll find simply the best. As a film critic, I only critique on movies I love. Why bother writing about flicks that are crap. Why waste my time watching such stuff. There might be a few exceptions where I might mention a bad movie, but generally, no I wouldn’t waste my time on crap.

 Here’s to the best. So far as I am concerned. 


Nuwan Sen