Barney Stinson V/s Neal Caffrey : The two Best dressed men on TV today

What do Barney Stinson (character played by Neil Patrick Harris); from the situation comedy, How I Met Your Mother (2005 till date); & Neal Caffrey; (character played by Matt Bomer) from the lighter genre of crime drama, White Collar (2009 till date); have in common????

                 Barney Stinson & Neal Caffrey

Well, they are both in their 30’s, smart, flirty, are lucky with the ladies, but most of all, they both have a great dress sense. They are always impeccably well dressed in neatly tailored suits to perfectly fit their lean figures. Their perfectionist attire is, be it formal suits or casual chic, so spot on with meticulously detailed precision, that the rest of the cast (who are generally well dressed) comparatively look like shabby hobo’s (just a slight exaggeration there, the rest aren’t that bad, some of the times).        

Neil Patrick Harris

I first got to know NPH, as a teenager back in 1994, when I saw him in an episode of a show called Doogie Howser, M.D. (1989 – 1993), with a few of my peers who were crazy about the show. I never got a chance to watch it again, nor was I interested. As the years went by I happen to catch NPH in many a good, but not great, television movies. The likes of Snowbound: The Jim and Jennifer Stolpa Story (1994), The Man in the Attic (1995), The Christmas Wish (1998) in 90’s; and some years ago The Wedding Dress (2001) to name a few. Added to this I had seen him in some forgettable roles in such big screen ventures like Starship Troopers (1997) and The Next Best Thing (2000).
Then, when I was studying in Sydney, I watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother, back in 2007 (a flatmate of mine was into this show). It seemed pretty good, but I didn’t get to watch it again and wasn’t that interested back then. Most probably ’cause I had more scope for a life at the time than to spend my time watching TV. Not that I didn’t, but being a film buff I always preferred to watch a good movie, and I did watch quite a few back then, both on the big screen and small. And of course I was busy with my course. And I use to socialise with friends and fellow students.  
Anyway now residing in a country, with very little scope in much of anything for me, and getting to watch any good movies out here being an absolute rarity, I was happy when we got cable TV few years ago, with some very good foreign entertainment channels, like Star World and Star Movies from India, and Fox Crime from Malaysia/Hong Kong/Singapore (well one of the three). Thus, since late 2010, I ended up watching quite a few good television shows, be it situation comedies, crime dramas, musical dramas or crime comedies, but rarely good movies.
And I loved watching How I Met Your Mother, since then. Currently am watching re-runs of How I Met Your Mother (season 6), although have seen it before and have watched the 7th season as well. Most of the episodes are really interesting that you can sit through them again. Can’t wait to catch the final (8th) season.

Barney Stinson

Barney Stinson happens to be the most interesting character in the show. Bit eccentric, a playboy that leads an extremely wild promiscuous lifestyle, and at times a total prick. Not a likable character you’d want to associate in real life. But we do tend see a sensitive side of his as well, he could be a really good friend, has a constant insecurity due to absence of a father figure in his life, fear of commitment but deep down he really could actually care for a person he likes and secretly desires to settle down like his friends.
But most of all, the best thing about Stinson, is his highly sophisticated dress sense. He’s a gentleman from appearance though not so much in character.    

Matthew Bomer

Unlike Neil Patrick Harris, Matt Bomer, wasn’t an actor I was that familiar with. When I was residing in England, I use to watch this show called Tru Calling (2003-2004), back in 2004. Bomer played the doomed boyfriend of Eliza Dushku’s character Tru, who gets killed off. I liked the show back then, didn’t know who the actor playing her boyfriend was, and later forgot about it. Much later I watched the movie Flightplan (2005) with Jodie Foster, in which Bomer has a miniscule role as a in-flight steward. He looked familiar, I assumed it was some other good looking TV actor I had seen, and again forgot about it. Then they started showing White Collar on Star World a couple of years back. I was hooked from the start.
More recently I saw, both NPH & Bomer, in two different episodes of Glee (2009 till date) each; and saw Bomer in the recent bummer called In Time (2011), what was he thinking, I watched it because of him, what was I thinking.
Last night I watched the first episode of White Collar (Season 4) on Star World, they started the new series after a successful broadcast of the first two seasons of Homeland (2011 till date), on the same timeslot at 23hours (11pm) which too I really enjoyed watching. Just why do the best shows have to be so late.

Neal Caffrey

Neal Caffrey happens to the most likable character on TV today. He’s a charming conman, smart, elegant, sophisticated, cool, a bit of a playboy (although nowhere as near as promiscuous as Stinson, Caffrey does manage to find a different girl to warm his bed in every series, except the first when he had girlfriend, of course that didn’t stop him from being a bit of flirt) and happens to be a really good looker.
So many crime shows today happen to have so much of blood and gore, it’s refreshing to see a crime drama in a slightly lighter vein, in the style of white collar crimes such as art forgeries and other classy larceny. It’s an ode to classy conman of classic films. Thus the best thing about this sexy ladies man happens to be, like Stinson, his incredible dress sense that’s a class apart. But unlike Stinson, Caffrey is a true gentleman in both his personality as well as in appearance. He would never use a girl like Stinson, and Caffrey also happens to be a true romantic. While Stinson fools his prey (women) to sleep with him, Caffrey seduces them romantically and doesn’t use them as a one night stand.

Neil Patrick Harris & Matt Bomer

Real Life vs. Reel Life (Compare & Contrast)

Much like the characters they play, in real life, they too seem to have a great dress sense. But that’s where the comparisons stop. They are far from being the promiscuous playboys their characters portray. Both, Neil Patrick Harris and Matt Bomer, are in a committed relationship with their respective partners. And they are both gay. The Best thing is that they can’t be boxed into the stereotypical mould of the clichéd gay persona of what a gay person is suppose to look or behave like. Just because they are gay, doesn’t mean they have to behave like women, nor do they try to be overtly masculine.
Gay men are still men, after all.
Neil Patrick Harris came out years ago, but Bomer only did so recently, this month last year. Kudos to Matt Bomer for doing so.

Here’s to the two best dressed men on TV today.
You are a class apart.

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