So as another year passes another month of May Movies comes to an end! Though I don’t work on May Movies annually, glad I manage to do a post whenever possible! This is the 4th year am doing a Mai May Movies series of Films! There have been quite a few reasons I haven’t been able to work on my blog properly within the last two years, and am unsure how regularly I’ll be able continue working on this, but I’ll definitely keep this blog going as rare as my posts might be, and stay in touch with the Blogging community!

So here are all the movies I watched in May 2021; from the Best to the Worst, broken down into different categories!

80’s America

Within the last couple of weeks of this month, I happen to watch five 80’s movies, 80’s American movies, and 4 out 5 films focused on 80’s American youth, specifically White American youth of the 1980’s! So here’s my take on these five creations of 80’s American Cinema!

Another Woman (1988)

Running on Empty (1988)



Firstborn (1984)




Grandview, USA (1984)


My Tutor (1983)


90’s Thrillers

..La Senitinelle Decived

Documentary Short

World of Mandame X (2019)

Hindi Feature Films

Ramprasad ki Tehrvi (2019)

Laxmii (2020)


Jonas (2018)

Take me to the River (2015)

More American Movies

Dark Waters (2019)


The Accountant (2016)


Nuwan Sen’s Film Sense