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Bookish Nuwan (March 2012)

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Bookish Nuwan (April 2012)

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Bookish Nuwan (20th October 2012)


Prater Violet (November 2012)

The Nineteen Nineties (Top-5)

Les Enfants Terribles (December 2012)

My Top 10 all time favourite movies

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Cézanne Birth Anniversary (January 2013)

Audrey Hepburn’s 20th Death Anniversary

Eat Pray Love – The Mantra of Life

Anne Boleyn & Mother Teresa

Republic Day of India & Australia Day

Barney Stinson V/s Neal Caffrey : The two Best dressed men on TV today

Beatle News # 9 : Stuart Sutcliffe & The Beatles’ disintegration

Six Degrees of Separation : Audrey Hepburn to …. ()

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