I’ve read a total of about 18-20 literary works within the span of one year (last year). Both Fiction and non-fiction, this is excluding many a articles et al I read both on the net and published magazines and newspapers. The last time I read so many books within a span of one year, most probably was when I was in school. I don’t remember. This feels like a bit of a record for me, considering the fact that I’m generally a pretty slow reader. I like to take my time and take in all the information whilst analysing the content (especially when reading novels and plays).
2012 has been a good year for me, literary wise (& film wise). As I was in New Delhi during Oscar season and the World Book Fair there.
Though 2012, hasn’t been great year for me health wise and other wise.
But trying my best to be optimistic as always, in a very negative minded society, with all the negative energy surrounding me most of the time and trying to put me down, I’m glad that there was at least two plus points in 2012. Books & Films. Though majority of the films I watched early 2012 were of the previous year that ended up at the Oscars last year. This years Oscar nominations are out, and residing in an aesthetically depressive country, I’ven’t got the chance to see any, as they’ll never be shown in the Cinema’s here.

Anyway, although 2013 didn’t have a great start for me, I’m hoping things would improve, and as always

I’m hoping for the Best, and am ready for worst. (but still really hope for things to be better — health wise & otherwise)

Nuwan Sen’s Year in review.