Started a new website, mid this month (August 2015). Haven’t done much on it yet, but my fellow bloggers, please do check it out when you can. Don’t worry, am not leaving No Nonsense with Nuwan Sen, but started a new website, so that unlike here (where I tend to post not just about films, but also art, literature, history, science, travel et al; added to which, sometimes, I even write-up more personal posts) this new site will only feature, film related, subject matter. But I shall continue No Nonsense with Nuwan Sen, for this is my baby, much like Gingy () & my love for Cinema itself. Plus, No Nonsense with Nuwan Sen, shall last forever (as ever as forever can be); whilst my new site, shall discontinue, once I stop paying for it. None the less, do check out my Nu(new) site, nu Sense on Film ( as well.

Also check out my mini-autobiography, on my ‘About The Author’ page.

No matter what, do keep visiting No Nonsense with Nuwan Sen, for I shall spend more of my valuable time here, rather than at nu Sense on Film. And I also want to say a big Thank you to all my Blog Pals. Without your support for (via following/liking/commenting on) No Nonsense with Nuwan Sen, I’m not really sure how long I’d have actually continued this Blog for, let alone start a new website. Although when I started this Blog, back in March 2012, I wasn’t really expecting any comments et al. I simply started this, ’cause I wanted my own place (on-line) to write about what I love, mainly films. And now I have almost 400 followers, and am following around the same amount of bloggers, maybe even more, I’ve lost count. Plus we’ve formed a blogging community, with our similar taste. You, my fellow bloggers, are my virtual friends, and am glad to be able to reach out, beyond borders, and have such a vast, intellectual, open-minded group of Blog-pals, with great taste for the arts, within the confines of my laptop. Especially ’cause I live in such an aesthetically depressive country, which has no respect for the arts (or genuine respect for anything or anyone really), it’s great to have found such a community of like minded people online (majority of my real-life friends live abroad), that I can discuss about stuff I love. Especially quality cinema.

Thanking you
Nuwan Sen